Exploring Umbrellas

A brief history of a British must-have…


Although found the world over, the umbrella is a quintessentially British necessity. As a nation, we are known the world over, due to our inclement climate, for our almost…

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Glamour in a Glass

Spotlight on the iconic Martini glass.


When one hears the word Martini or even Cocktail, how many of us immediately see the classic Martini glass in our mind’s eye..? The classically shaped vessel cries cocktail,…

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Ensconced in Ambience

Exploring the wall sconce as a decorative light fixture.


Ever since the discovery of fire, humans have attempted to harness the power of flames to provide heat and light, whether cave or castle, with light ultimately giving comfort…

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Art Nouveau

Cosi Tabellini Art Nouveau-style


Art Nouveau – “New Art” – emerged around 1890 and lasted until the outbreak of the First World War, completely transforming decorative arts during this period with its distinctive…

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The Hourglass

Time IN our hands…


“The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.” Jean Paul Sartre. The humble hourglass, especially a traditional looking…

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