Flower Power

The Importance and Use of Flowers in Interior Design.


The importance of flowers in interior design is not without significance, as flowers are a simple and subtle way in which we can make an interior design statement as well as adding charm and warmth to a room, their presence cheerfully infusing a space with colour and vitality. They might form one component of a table setting or work to dress an otherwise dreary mantelpiece or cill. Flowers adapt to varied contexts – from a discrete finishing touch to a lush centrepiece display – and are often a well-deserved, indulgent and much enjoyed treat. In addition, they help to imbue a room with a sense of life, enhancing its ambience and character.


Roses are red, my love… Valentine’s Day bouquet

With their seasonality, flowers offer a constant source of choice and inspiration. In spring and summer choose blooms such as pansies, daffodils, tulips, carnations, hydrangeas and roses. In autumn and winter opt for freesias, alstroemerias (a lily-like flower), chrysanthemums, winter jasmines, snowdrops and dahlias. Moreover, flowers have a place on various days celebrated throughout the year: from Valentine’s to Mother’s Day, Easter to Christmas, they are joyous and much-loved. At Christmastime, both fresh and dried wreaths will add a festive touch to the holiday season.


Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flower arranging is certainly not the sole preserve of florists and with some practice, displaying blooms will become second nature (flowers are more robust than we perhaps give them credit). From a single bud to a bountiful bouquet, flowers are of course best arranged and presented with panache. Cut each stem at an angle and place the blossoms in a choice receptacle. Remember to change the water on a regular basis, add specialist flower food and avoid placing a display near ripening fruit, direct heat or in direct sunlight.


Simplicity of a bud vase display in the bedroom

Smaller dainty vases are perfect for a lone stem or posy. Position such vessels on a sideboard, a cill, bathroom vanity or by a bed. What better way to welcome guests for example, than by arranging a modest and simple bud vase on their bedside cabinet. For larger bunches of flowers, choose an appropriately sized vase or a jug. A flower jug has a particular elegance that is perfect for larger floral displays.


Springtime elegance on a window cill

When arranging flowers, simplicity is often the best choice. If desirable, add greens, such as ferns, to create more depth and substance. A sprightly sprig or blossoming bunch will find their natural state when placed in the right receptacle. That being so, investing in the perfect vase or flower jug is a wise decision that will pay dividends as it is put to good use again and again. Flowers do deserve a loving home and may indeed thrive and burgeon in a well-designed container. It is also plausible to contend that people will endeavour to look after things in earnest when they appreciate their quality and beauty. Those flowers placed in an elegant jug will likely gain more favour and attention than blooms plonked in a drab plastic bottle.


Floral displays to bring the outside in – to enjoy & admire

When all is said and done, flowers are there to be enjoyed and admired. They are tailor-made by nature for any occasion and enjoy the company of a handsome holder.

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