Flower Power

The Importance and Use of Flowers in Interior Design.


The importance of flowers in interior design is not without significance, as flowers are a simple and subtle way in which we can make an interior design statement as…

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Glorious Gorgeous Glass

Exploring how to use glass in interior design.

Simplicity of glass at Bryn Eglur, The Welsh House, Carmarthenshire

Many of the finest designs start with the principle that everyday objects play a significant role in people’s lives, personally, emotionally, culturally, even historically and traditionally. Interactions with such…

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Cue: Charming Ceramic

Exploring the use of ceramics in interiors: centuries-old cool character.

Charming ceramic in the dairy, The Farmhouse, A Corner of Eden, Cumbria

Ceramic, a compact, hard, durable and non-porous material, forms the basis of many designs that will add character and charm to an interior. From tiled floors and walls to…

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Beautiful Bedrooms

Simple yet sumptuous styling in the bedroom


When comes to interior design, the bedroom should be seen as an oasis of relaxation, romance and repose, rather than a straightforward space in which to simply sleep. The…

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Seek Solace in Stone

Use of stone in interiors: strength, solidity, sustainability and subtle soulfulness.

Evocative edges; nooks & crannies up the stairs at Ty Unnos - The Welsh House, Carmarthenshire

Stone is a material that can provide grounding when used in a pared down manner. Its ability to offer spaces that bring quietude, solace and meditation cannot be overlooked….

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Mighty Metal

Decorative use of metal in interior design: merging form and function.

Perfectly placed pewter; elegant & contemporary at Bryn Eglur, The Welsh House, Carmarthenshire

The conception of “decorative” will flex and fluctuate across individuals, just as viewpoints on interior design will be open-ended. Both are dependent upon context, habitat, taste, personal preferences, budget…

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