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Glamour in a Glass

Spotlight on the iconic Martini glass.


When one hears the word Martini or even Cocktail, how many of us immediately see the classic Martini glass in our mind’s eye..? The classically shaped vessel cries cocktail,…

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Prosecco Perfection

A brief look at Prosecco, the perky Italian aperitif.


Prosecco is Italy’s answer to sparkling wine. It is well-made but at a reasonable price, and like a beautiful view from your own home, it’s nice, but familiar and…

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The Garibaldi

General of Italian Cocktails.


Not to be confused with the biscuit, this Italian cocktail is also named after Garibaldi, the famous Italian military general. It’s a bitter sweet complex concoction, yet easily ‘built’…

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Cue: Charming Ceramic

Exploring the use of ceramics in interiors: centuries-old cool character.

Charming ceramic in the dairy, The Farmhouse, A Corner of Eden, Cumbria

Ceramic, a compact, hard, durable and non-porous material, forms the basis of many designs that will add character and charm to an interior. From tiled floors and walls to…

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