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Prosecco Perfection

A brief look at Prosecco, the perky Italian aperitif.


Prosecco is Italy’s answer to sparkling wine. It is well-made but at a reasonable price, and like a beautiful view from your own home, it’s nice, but familiar and…

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The Garibaldi

General of Italian Cocktails.


Not to be confused with the biscuit, this Italian cocktail is also named after Garibaldi, the famous Italian military general. It’s a bitter sweet complex concoction, yet easily ‘built’…

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Mother’s Day

For mums everywhere...


Like Father’s Day, we should not wait until a prescribed socially-constructed day to honour our mothers. Of course. as with any family member and loved one, we should celebrate…

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Thank you, Bryn Eglur

Thank you to 'The Welsh House' for our recent photoshoot at Bryn Eglur: rustic realism in rural Carmarthenshire.

Image courtesy of 'The Welsh House'

The idyllic 18th Century traditional Welsh farmhouse, Bryn Eglur, framed the subtle beauty of Cosi Tabellini’s pewter pieces to perfection during our winter photoshoot. Bryn Eglur, meaning clear hill…

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Thank you, Ty Unnos

Thank you to 'The Welsh House' for our recent photoshoot at Ty Unnos: the forever fascinating 'One Night House'.

Image courtesy of 'The Welsh House'

The Welsh tradition of a Ty Unnos, translated literally as ‘one night house’, where an individual of limited means would erect a house on common land between sunset and…

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