Beautiful Bedrooms

Simple yet sumptuous styling in the bedroom


When comes to interior design, the bedroom should be seen as an oasis of relaxation, romance and repose, rather than a straightforward space in which to simply sleep. The best bedroom interiors are therefore comfortable yet simple, luxurious, yet retaining a relative rusticity too as a respect to realism, along with attention to detail and where possible be spaces that are airy, naturally furnished and thoughtfully lit.


Crisp whites, natural and earthy tones, with a smattering of ornaments and personal effects set the tone for a sanctuary of calm, self-reflection and rejuvenation. In terms of materials, natural is always the preferred choice, from simple white and neutral cottons and linens, through to solid wood; oak is a favourite, for chunky beds with substantial headboards, chests of drawers and ornate mirrors, to give a sense of style as well as subdued substance which can also be achieved by teaming wood with traditional and unfussy metals, such as tasteful wrought iron and pewter.



Lighting is something that is considered rather than accidental; stylish electric lamps are coupled with classic candlelight, whether freestanding candlestick candle holders or wall sconces, to provide a twist on classical contemporaneity. Gentle candlelight flickers, glimmers and dances against natural and wholesome surfaces, such as the softly hued pewter, allowing a hint of reflection and subtle plays of light rather than stark mirroring. Romance can be achieved through subdued lighting, enhancing rather than starkly illuminating carefully considered pieces, such as carafes, clocks, frames and mirrors.



Such an aesthetic environment personalised with classic objects that subtly display and portray personality and individuality allows for a soothing of the soul and satiation of the senses necessary for one to recharge and rejuvenate, beyond the actualities of simple sleepy slumber. All of the above allows one to achieve that special solitude surrounded by personal effects, when one can take a few moments to ground oneself and allow the trivialities of the day to fade into the periphery.



Within a thoughtfully-styled bedroom, the noisy nonsense of everyday daily life hum-drums into background noise, muted enough to be barely discernible, yet at the same time, reassuringly present… A snatched few moments upon the bed, still clothed, voices and laughter of loved ones, family and friends, elsewhere in the home, floating in and out on the breeze, as drifting, dozily consciousness comes and goes, as you elicit a stolen, precious forty winks…



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