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Seek Solace in Stone

Use of stone in interiors: strength, solidity, sustainability and subtle soulfulness.

Evocative edges; nooks & crannies up the stairs at Ty Unnos - The Welsh House, Carmarthenshire

Stone is a material that can provide grounding when used in a pared down manner. Its ability to offer spaces that bring quietude, solace and meditation cannot be overlooked….

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Mighty Metal

Decorative use of metal in interior design: merging form and function.

Perfectly placed pewter; elegant & contemporary at Bryn Eglur, The Welsh House, Carmarthenshire

The conception of “decorative” will flex and fluctuate across individuals, just as viewpoints on interior design will be open-ended. Both are dependent upon context, habitat, taste, personal preferences, budget…

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Art Nouveau

Cosi Tabellini Art Nouveau-style


Art Nouveau – “New Art” – emerged around 1890 and lasted until the outbreak of the First World War, completely transforming decorative arts during this period with its distinctive…

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Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathroom design for grown-ups.


Absolving ablutions deserve a special setting that salves, satiates and soothes, from pared down minimalism, wholesome rustic, elaborate luxury or unmitigated indulgence. All of the aforementioned styles can be…

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